Gordon Ramsay, who wants to instill his love of food in future generations, opened the doors of his first cookery academy, which he has been preparing for a long time. Gordon Ramsay Academy aims to educate students of all ages and levels. In the school where the distinguished tastes of the world cuisine are included, there are also trainings on Turkish delicacies such as meatballs and menemen.

The Academy, which has a large show room on the upper floor as well as many kitchens, provides a hand-on experience in every class. Gordon Ramsay Academy, which has a large library of cookbooks, aims to convey both theoretical and practical information in this field to gastronomy enthusiasts. In the classes, where there are many options such as knife styles, bakery, Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine, vegan delicacies, meat products and Middle Eastern cuisine, everyone can receive a class on the subject they want, in the time zone they choose. Anyone who is hungry for food and learning is invited to the culiary academy of the world’s most famous chef, Gordon Ramsay.



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