Hosting the most important Michelin-starred chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and trend-setting culinary geniuses in Turkey, the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, which will be held for the seventh time this year, continues to shape the gastronomy world and expand our horizons with its full program and distinguished participants. On November 19-20, Gastromasa with the theme of  “Sustainability & Biodiversity”; Gastromasa Pastry, Gastromasa Bar and Gastromasa Hospitality are getting ready to leave their mark on world gastronomy with their new concepts!

Gianluca Fusto, one of the star pastry chefs, is meeting with the gastronomy industry and its fans in the organization that will take place at the Haliç Congress Center.

Gianluca Fusto is a pastry chef with a chef pedigree, known for his style, creativity and sensitivity for great ingredients. Born in Milan, he finds a spiritual father in Aimo Moroni at the Milanese restaurant Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia (2 Michelin stars). After several important collaborations around the world, with Yann Duytsche and the French Ecole du Grand Chocolat of Valrhona as first foreign professor he completes his vocational-technical background. With his firm Gianluca Fusto Consulting, he offers tailor-made courses and consultancies from Paris to Dubai, from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

He is one of the major figures of Italian patisserie, a very committed professional with training and with competitions and activities for youngsters, such as the Junior World Pastry Cup. Gianluca Fusto cares of every last detail of all his presentations in a minimalist trend-setting style. He has a particular fondness for working with chocolate.

In 2020 he fulfilled his dream of opening his long-awaited brand new Fusto Milano, in the Lombard capital. A space as unclassifiable as his personality in which he will create and sell pastry products, organize events, research and development of techniques and ingredients will be carried out, and will even serve for recording television programs.

From his many achievements, in 2011 he coaches the Italian Team to win the First place of the Juniores Pastry World Cup at SIGEP in Rimini (Italy). He takes part in various major events of EXPO 2015, the Italian daily edition of the culinary television program “Masterchef” 2014 and participates as special foreign guest in the TV show Arabic TOP CHEF 2018.

The SKY ARTE Channel TV format “DE.Sign”, focused on the most famous designers and creatives of the world, features Gianluca Fusto as the “Italian Architect of Modern Pastry”. He is member of AMPI (Accademia Maestri Pasticcieri Italiani) and of the Associazione Italiana Ambasciatori del Gusto. He is awarded “Best Italian Pastry Chef 2012” at Identità Golose in Milan.

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