The pioneer of the ‘From Farm to Table’ movement, US chef Dan Barber is preparing to reopen his favourite restaurant Blue Hill on October 7. Blue Hill, where Barber has changed his stylr, will serve as a %75 restaurant and %25 training workshop.

Dan Barber, who turned to the ‘Chef in Residence’ program, where chefs from all over the world share their culinary stories during the pandemic process, decided to make some changes in his restaurant as a result of this experience. “Cooking and farming became more interesting, and more complicated. It changed the way our team thinks about food, and focused our thinking about Blue Hill restaurant and the culture we want to create,” said Barber, who will offer hands-on training to his guests, including tours of greenhouses and farms, butchery and cooking classes, and more. Blue Hill, which will serve four days a week from Thurday to Sunday, will create an environment that enhances the learning culture of the guests in a more relaxed atmosphere.



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