Antonio Bachour’s newest eatery is the third restaurant concept by the award-winning pastry chef. He is bringing modern-classic Parisian brasserie style to Miami Design District with “Tablé”. The successful chef explains the name of the brasserie as: “Come to my table. You see the food. I want people in Miami to taste my food at my table.”

Antonio Bachour grew up in Puerto Rico and was hooked on pastry from a young age, thanks to a childhood spent in his family’s bakery. He dedicated his first few years to honing his trade in Puerto Rico as a pastry cook at Sand Hotel and Casino and Westin Rio Mar. In search of a better place to continue growing professionally, 2001 found Bachour States-bound, in Miami Beach, as executive pastry chef at Talula.

At Tablé, desserts will sweeten locals’ mouth; Bachour also wants to offer something with a French technique, with his heritage which is Lebanese and Puerto Rican along with some Latin infusion. But mostly, the brasserie has a French influence and French technique. For example, Fois Gras Terraine made with duck liver infused with cocoa powder and orange blossom which is served with mango chutney and homemade brioche bread. Chef Antonio Bachour’s personal favourite are the Salt Cod Fritters made with tempura and stuffed zucchini blossom.

With close to 5,500 square feet of indoor/outdoor cafe, the dining and bar space is a classic Parisian brasserie.

“You know for me presentation has to be the wow factor. People, when they come and see this, they say ‘Wow I want to eat it.’ Then when you taste it and it’s good, you then have the double win,” Bachour said.

Bachour also served up two desserts. The first, called The Egg, which has coconut mousse, mango cream, and almond biscuit. Next was a Napolean with vanilla cream.

Tablé is open daily for lunch and dinner. There’s also a weekend brunch.


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