Khai Khai presents the most special examples of Indian cuisine, with the smoking method used in cooking and the plates that meet the most special products of South Asia. With its design inspired by the coal and smoke used in the kitchen, Khai Khai has a kitchen theme that it calls the “smoke game”.

Coal is at the center of the whole design in the decoration, which is dominated by earth tones and metal mesh surfaces with hammered copper, brass and mirrored elements. Under the management of award-winning restaurateur Jaf Ali, Khai Khai is one of Newcastle’s most special restaurants. The restaurant, which offers its guests the special tastes of Michelin-starred chef Alfred Prasad in a semi-open kitchen, provides a holistic experience with its decoration. Reflecting the interplay of darkness, fire and transparency, the interior references rural traditions with Sanskrit recipes on the walls and plenty of potted plants.



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