“Reinventing Mirazur”, which is about the deep transformation of Argentine Chef Mauro Colagreco and his three Michelin-starred restaurant Mirazur, focuses on Mirazur’s rebirth when it was forced to close down for months but like a butterfly from a cocoon, emerged more beautiful despite the myriad challenges it had faced. Produced by Franck Ribiére and Vérane Frediani, the documentary shows the behind-the-scenes of Colagreco’s decision to adjust the restaurant’s menus according to the cycles of the moon, as he spent all his days in the vegetable garden during the closure.  

This revolutionary decision by Mauro Colagreco has made Mirazur an even more impressive restaurant. Procuring all the fresh products on the menu from its garden, where planting and harvesting times are adjusted according to the cycles of the moon, Colagreco, and his team entered a brand new preparation process before reopening. As a result, he presented his guests with an even more impressive and striking Mirazur. “Reinventing Mirazur” is the story of this reinvention… 



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