Pioneering Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez is setting up his team for his new restaurant MAZ Tokyo, which will open in Japan in 2021.

Ranked 6th on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, Central’s chef Virgilio Martinez shared an exciting news on Instagram. The successful chef, who expanded his portfolio after Central, Kjolle, Mayo, MIL and Mater, announced his first venture in Japan. In his announcement that he shared the new initiative to be opened in 2021 for MAZ Tokyo on Instagram, he said: “Hola amigos. This is exciting news. For the beginning of year 2021 we will be opening our own place in Japan: MAZ Tokyo. We have 5 positions to be filled by local cooks and hospitality professionals, who will become part of our international team and network Mater.In – MAZ Tokyo.”



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