Located in the U.K, Vibrant Vegan Co. is looking for a Director of Taste with a salary of £50,000 a month to travel around the world to taste various plant-based foods and to provide feedback to the company.

According to the statement, the Director who works as Tat Director should be someone who has experienced at least three years in the chef or food sector.

Iain Burke-Hamilton, the founder of Vibrant Vegan Co says “There are hundreds of ingredients across the world that haven’t been presented to the UK consumer, so we hope our new recruit will be able to inspire some new and tasty recipes.”

The job will require 35-hour weeks with all food, travel and accommodation expenses covered. There’s also full sick pay and 28 days holiday a year.

This could be an exciting role for a chef who wants to travel, widen their palate and use their skills away from the cooking in the kitchen. To apply send a CV to jobs@vibrantvegan.co.uk.

“Fine Dining Lover”



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