Uber for Business launched a voucher app for Uber Eats on Tuesday as part of its corporate food solution offer.

Uber for Business launched Vouchers for Uber Eats on Tuesday as part of its corporate meal solution offering, which will allow businesses to control how much they spend on meal options and create single and bulk campaigns tailored to their particular needs, according to a press release shared with Restaurant Dive. In addition to offering these vouchers to employees, employers can also use them at remote event for attendees, to treat clients for lunch or to give guests a courtesy meal. Businesses can place limits on spending per order, number of orders, dates and times and other parameters. To use a voucher, employees can click the link to claim it on their Uber account and use the voucher at checkout. Employers can also learn how employees and customers use vouchers including total spend, number of vouchers claimed and meals ordered and to manage usage and costs. 



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