He has two Michelin stars, a 19 out of 20 rating in Gault & Millau which places him firmly among the world’s great chefs as well as the chef of the year title in 2017. Andreas Krolik, the chef of Frankfurt based restaurant Lafleur, goes to other European cities.

Krolik’s career has been in Germany and Switzerland but since 2014, way before vegetable-based cuisine became the trend of the day, Andreas has been serving a vegan menu alongside a normal menu where he extracts all the flavour from vegetables to make it as satisfying as eating meat or fish. A little shy and also humble, the German chef is slowly starting to be recognised outside of Germany. This year, he was invited to present his flavourful vegan cuisine at Madrid fusion and this will be followed by the same Madrid Fusion in Bogota later this year. He is also heading to London later this month to showcase his vegan cuisine in the margins of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards taking place there. Nowadays, as in almost every field, in gastronomy is still understood in a sustainable way, for this reason vegan cuisines are increasingly being used. With this vegan chefs, the elegantly presented fare provides a balance of sweetness and acidity, and they do not hesitate to use the strongest spices and aromatic herbs. At the end of the text, we are wondering who else London will host before the end of summer season.



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