The list we have prepared for those who think that the most delicious and juicy form of meat is between two hamburger bread, rare or overcooked, whatever your preference, our list will be a guide. We went to London for the hamburger, which causes many diets to break down with its biggest accomplice, french fries, and we searched for the best burgers for you.

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip meets its customers at two points, Islington and Tottenham, with its delicious burgers and entertaining menus 7 days a week. You can order Kevin Bacon or Kelly LeBrock with caramelized onions and you can have a great experience. The favourite of most of its customers is El Chappo by far, accompanied by blue cheese and jalapeno.

Burger & Beyond

Burger & Beyond, one of the best in London with its handmade meatballs in its restaurants in Shoreditch, is a frequent destination for those who want to reward themselves. While Bacon Butter Burger is one of the outstanding flavours on the menu, you can add some spice with Shoreditch Hot Chicken, which comes with the warning “Wash your hands before touching your eyes”.


The idea behind Flank, who gained success with the Victoria Market Halls and Old Spitalfield Market branches, is to create the ideal hamburger with the best ingredients. By keeping things simple, the cheeseburger is the most preferred flavour of the famous hamburger restaurant, which wants to offer its customers a real hamburger experience with its handmade pickles and special Flank sauce.

Mac & Wild

Bringing the street flavour of Scotland to London, Mac & Wild’s flavour comes from Andy Waugh’s 30-year butcher family. It brings a new breath to the hamburger with its presentation between its meatballs made of a perfect mixture of beef and venison and Brioche bread that is crispy but soft inside.




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