It is possible to see many varieties of marshmallows that can be added on top of hot chocolate on cold winter days or baked with chocolate to make a great snack. We can now taste the soft marshmallows, which look like clouds, in every colour, shape and aroma. We can see the increasingly popular marshmallows, whisky-flavoured, rainbow-shaped, between cookies or on the tip of a stick, like in the movies. We explored this soft dessert, which comes in almost every form and aroma, from Georgia to the United States.

XO Marshmallow

XO Marshmallow, the world’s first marshmallow shop opened with the collaboration of Kat and Lindzi in Chicago, USA. The duo, who produce and sell marshmallows in all varieties and flavours inside the adorable pink shop, also give marshmallows decorating lessons. With XO Marshmallow, we’re entering a special fun world of marshmallow, from party kits to clothes, organisationally designed marshmallows to handmade cookies.

Squish Marshmallows

Katherine Sprung, who created a marshmallow paradise from marshmallow doughnuts to brownies in her New York shop, can ship this service via delivery to New York and shipping to almost any corner of the United States. Squish marshmallows are a must-try, with a variety of presentations, from kits to delicious gift boxes.

Malvi Mallow

Malvi Mallow, opened in Georgia by Laura Curtis Retana and her husband, doesn’t use any preservatives, making handmade marshmallows from only the best ingredients. While Malvi Mallow has created a pleasant place with hot chocolate or coffee in the shop, they can deliver its handmade marshmallow to many places with its international delivery.

Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company

The Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company, the frequented place in the US, NY for a sugar break, can also reach many corners of the United States with its cargo service. It’s an incredible stop with the cookies they make specifically for marshmallow and, of course, their incredible handmade marshmallows.



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