When it comes to the bistro in Paris, Benoit comes first. Continuing its activities since 1912, Benoit gives its guests the historical air of sParis with its magical atmosphere. Benoit is the only bistro in Paris with a Michelin star.

Michel Petit buys the restaurant in 1912 and runs Benoit until 2005. Petit, who is a professional butcher also has a great taste memory. Petit family who had operated Benoit for three generations and made a major contribution to his success today handed over the Restaurant in 2005 the to world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse,.

Leaves customers alone with Paris’s historical texture

Benoit also fascinates visitor with its atmosphere and texture. When guests enter from the two doors opening to the restaurant, they encounter by a warm and a cozy atmosphere. Large mirrors ranging from to wooden workmanship and reproductions of Beaujolais ambiance, glass panels engraved with marble columns, lighting in the bar evoke the decoration of a cozy place. The long table in the middle of the oval hall on the top floor hosts around 15 guests. The paintings on the walls, the decorative panels on the doors, the fireplace, the pedestal table and the chandeliers leave the people with the historical fabric of Paris.

Alain Ducasse’ın dokunuşlarıyla Benoit

Celebrating its centenary in 2012, Benoit is still has a young mans vividness in the heart of Paris, with bistro-style colors. One of oldest and most important representative of the French bistro culture, Benoit now serves under the leadership of Alain Ducasse. To explore Benoit, gourmets from all over the world flock to the restaurant. The taste of traditional products and the marvelous French cuisine are fascinate the gourmets.

Benoit’s classics whet the appetite

Benoit is one of the best restaurants in Paris, France where the eating and drinking culture is considered ground breaking. The restaurant, which continues a culture with its delicacies, provides unforgettable experiences to its guests. Reflecting the warm and friendly spirit since its opening, Benoit is one of the last remaining authentic Parisian bistros.

Delicacies that emerges with the creativity of Chef Fabienne Eymardts, whet the appetite in Benoit. Benoit’s classics are the Pâté en Créve, mustard cream Lucullus veal, garlic butter-crusted snails, sauté gourmet desserts and foie gras. And sommelier Rudy Reis’s 350 kinds of wine completes this generous cuisine. Benoit’s wine list includes the famous and the best yvineyards of France.




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