The Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) and the EnoTourism Academy were established to protect wine tourism and industry in Spain.

The Global Wine Tourism Organization (GWTO) is comprised of a network of countries and companies involved in winemaking and wine tourism and the goal is to enhance cooperation within the public and private sectors in accordance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development from the United Nations. The GWTO will work to support the wine tourism value chain and ensure that it works together, helping members succeed in both the domestic and global marketplaces.

The EnoTourism Academy has a founding committee comprised of 70 authorities from 24 different countries, among them deans and professors from leading universities and business schools as well as experts specialized in intelligent tourism, gastronomic tourism and wine tourism management, among others, Foods and Wine from Spain Reported. Its objective is to inspire and promote actions that fall under the “new” wine tourism model through collaborations with public organizations, academic institutions, and companies through the transfer of technical expertise. It also seeks to help create policies related to wine tourism and provide individual and collective support and advice to members of the GWTO.



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