Dutch chef Sergio Herman opens his famous French fries concept shop Frites Atelier’s third branch in Brussels on 2 March.

Just like the Frites Atelier in Gent, the one in Brussels is expected to have more seats and offer a more extensive menu compared to the current Ateliers in the Netherlands and Antwerp.

Sergio is looking into expanding the concept to Germany and France. He has commissioned research into big cities to find busy streets that could welcome such a food concept. Famous chef is also developing the concept so that it can work not just in permanent locations but also for private events and festivals. This should be launched by the end of this year.

Frites Atelier is a fast food concept in which taste, craftsmanship, and evolved from Sergio’s love for French fries and has been a huge success in its current locations in The Hague, Arnhem, Utrecht, Antwerp.

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