The Roux family started their search for 2022 scholarship holders. It has been announced that the winning candidate will be awarded a prize of 12,000 Euros to support career development and will receive training for up to three months in a three-Michelin-star restaurant anywhere in the world.

To compensate for the disruption caused by the pandemic, the age limit for candidates will be increased to 31. Applicants will also not be required to work full time, but their main job will be to be a chef.

Alain, co-chairman of the board, said: “It will be fascinating to see how our chefs deal with serving delicious and interesting dishes. In particular, I am excited to see which cake shape the chefs will choose. It is truly inspiring and I look forward to it.”

Competitors invited to compete in the regional qualifiers will have until midnight on January 31, 2022 to submit their recipes. The jury will include Alain Roux, Michel Roux Jr, Brian Turner, Sat Bains, André Garrett, Simon Hulstone, James Martin, Clare Smyth, Rachel Humphrey and Angela Hartnett.



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