Founded by Nieves Barragan and José Etura, Sabor (meaning flavour in Spanish) takes you on a journey from the tapas bars of Andalucía through to the asadors of Castile and the seafood restaurants of Galicia. Located on Heddon Street, Sabor has three distinct areas – The Counter and bar on the ground floor and the El Asador on the first floor, each offering a different taste and experience of Spanish cuisine and hospitality. Sabor was awarded a coveted star by the Michelin Guide in 2018.

Nieves Barragán and co-owner José Etura have created something authentic and truly joyful with Sabor. There are three distinct areas: on the ground floor is the bar and, opposite, a counter serving tapas from all over Spain. Upstairs is El Asador – the only area for which bookings are taken – and here you can enjoy specialities from Galicia and Castile. There are two must-haves: the succulent Segovian suckling pig roasted in the specially built oven, and the melt-in-the-mouth octopus cooked in vast copper pans.

On the ground floor share The Counter at Sabor, with the chefs, and choose from a changing daily menu of fresh fish prepared for you by Sabor’s in-house fishmonger, alongside regional dishes from across Spain, including those from the Basque country and Catalonia.

The Menu

You can find Pan Tomate, Piquillo Croquetas, Manchego Cheese, Prawn Croquetas, Monkfish Tempura, Chilli Jam Alioli Iranian 000 Beluga Caviar, Cuttlefish Papardelle & Manchego Pesto, Seared Tuna, Ajo Blanco & Flaked Almonds, Octopus, Mojo Rojo & Baby Potatoes, Arroz Negro, Monkfish Tempura & Alioli and so much more in Sabor’s The Counter at Sabor menu.

For meat; Stuffed Piquillo Pepper with Braised Ox Tail, Milk Fed Lamb Sweetbreads & Capers, 40 Days Aged Rib-eye of Beef & Tximitxurri dishes draw attention.

And for veggies, Txistorra Tortilla, Gem Salad with Botarga, Manchego & Pine Nuts, Chargrilled Spanish Red Peppers with Besos & Hazelnut and Tomato, Cucumber & Mackerel Roe Salad sound mouth watering.

When it comes to desserts; Bombas de Chocolate steals hearts. For fruit lovers in desserts, Strawberry Tartaleta and Pineapple Sorbet are  good, safe choices. Selection of Spanish Turrón and Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream & Liquorice Sauce, Selection of Spanish Cheese & Quince Jam are rich and special options

The Gastronomy Heroine Behind Sabor’s Kitchen Doors: Chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho

Chef Nieves grew up in Bilbao, the largest city within the Basque region of Spain, learning from an early age about the regions produce and cuisine. She moved to London in 1998, starting in the kitchen at Simply Nico, before joining the Harts Restaurant Group in 2003. In 2007 Nieves became the group’s Executive Chef ahead of the launch of the first Barrafina restaurant on London’s Frith Street. As Executive Chef of Barrafina for ten years, Nieves oversaw the launch of two further Barrafina restaurants (Adelaide Street/Drury Lane) and in 2014 was awarded a Michelin Star. In 2018, Nieves was awarded her own Michelin Star for Sabor.

Sözen Group CEO, Gökmen Sözen recently visited Sabor and its creative chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho. Sözen expressed his thoughts and feelings with these words: “Today, I was together with the famous Spanish chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho’s at her Michelin star restaurant, Sabor. Sabor means ‘taste’ in Spanish and the restaurant takes its guests on a journey from the tapas bars of Andalusia to the asadors of Castile and seafood restaurants of Galicia. We had a very pleasant conversation with my dear friend, successful chef Nieves Barragán and talked about new projects. Thank you for your hospitality and see you very soon again…”


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