René Redzepi’s Noma burger, which attracted great attention in the summer, reunites with its guests on December 3 with his new restaurant POPL.

René Redzepi, who temporarily offers a unique burger experience in the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Noma by adapting to the pandemic period, is reviving Noma burger in his new project POPL, after great interest and success. Redzepi said in a statement on his Instagram account, “‘This is either the best idea in the world, or the worst’ – that was my friend’s response to me when I told him that the Noma burger is back! That we’re opening POPL as a neighbourhood place for everyone, in the middle of a world wide pandemic. BUT, it’s happening and we’re very proud [of] it.”

Although the menu is quite simple, it offers a real flavour feast without compromising its taste. The hamburger list, made from organic Danish beef or with vegan and vegetarian options, is accompanied by seasonal sides, ice creams and a list of wines, beers, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

Redzepe’s exciting new venture POPL also includes a take-away option for those who want to eat at home or sit at the port.



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