Michelin starred chef Kirk Westaway, creates one of the most original representations of the British gastronomy, with his restaurant JAAN located in Singapore.

Kirk Westaway, born in a small coastal town in Devon on the southwestern coast of England and learned of the importance of using quality products at an early age thanks to the first-class product procurement position of his hometown. Thanks to his passion for quality product use, he focused on creating techniques that enrich the natural flavor of each ingredient, and this has become one of the most important elements that determine his culinary style. To protect JAAN’s philosophy, Chef Kirk continues to respect nature’s best products, taking into account the seasonality and the skills of quality manufacturers.

Kirk Westaway, says he gained his love of the kitchen at a child age by cooking vegetables he collected from the garden with his mother. He consolidate his passion for cooking with going around the world and today he is the head of the British restaurant JAAN in Singapore as a Michelin starred chef.

Prior to JAAN, Kirk had the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in the world such as Alex Atala, the legendary chief of Latin America, Raymond Patterson in London, and Antonin Bonnet. Nowadays Kirk continues to represent British cuisine in Singapore with a brand new approach of his own.

With the culinary style he calls the “reinventing the British cuisine”, he combines his roots in Devon and the experiences he gain around the world, chef has managed to gain an original place in Singapore’s fine-dining scene and the global gastronomy world.



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