Copenhagen’s famous chef, Rasmus Kofoed, has announced that he will remove meat from Geranium’s menu as of January 2022. Ranking second in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list this year, the new change of Geranium is a big surprise for everyone.

In the newly prepared menu, no meat will be found in any of Kofoed’s dishes. Although the three Michelin-starred restaurant is vegetable-centered, this change announcement signals many changes that will take place in the world of fine dining. Speaking about his decision, Rasmus Kofoed said, “I feel it’s time for a change at Geranium and I’m working on that as we speak. Not that we will cancel all the signature dishes, but we won’t serve them anymore. That’s how I like things, I like a challenge in my life. My next challenge is to create amazing new dishes for the menu.”

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, Kofoed opened his temporary restaurant Angelika, which offers an all-plant-based tasting menu during quarantine. “When you go to all these great restaurants, even Geranium, even if the focus has always been to create a nice balance in the meal, sometimes it’s just too much. Too much protein, too much fat, too many vices for your body and you just don’t feel on top when you leave or the morning after” says Kofoed.

Chef Daniel Humm also announced that he was leaving Claridge’s after he wanted to make its menu 100 percent plant-based and the hotel rejected this vision. This innovation from Rasmus Kofoed came in the same week and created excitement about the changes in the world of fine dining.



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