Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez is known as one of the new generation chefs who successfully introduced the Peruvian cuisine. Martinez reinterpreted local Peruvian ingredients with modern cooking techniques, and in 2013, he entered the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List with his restaurant Central. The successful chef, who has been working on the collection of rare materials in the wilderness of Peru and introducing them to the international palate, has taken his studies to a new level with his food laboratory.

It is currently ranked 4th in the world with its Central restaurant in Lima, which is now one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Successful chef says he doesn’t think it’s enough for him to be in the kitchen and makes the following statements about his food laboratory: “I just loved being in the kitchen, but then I began to realize that as my evolution in the kitchen was complete, I couldn’t just be in the kitchen. Very important for testing laboratory dishes. I’m more inspired by nature and inspired.”

The laboratory in Cusco, Peru is the first food laboratory there. The laboratory aims to start an era of innovation in Peruvian cuisine, where many working people are taught new disciplines, different techniques and the classification of special products.



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