The World Restaurant Awards, which will be held in Paris on February 18th, is an award ceremony with an innovative concept that aims to be able to tell the diversity and depth of the restaurant world as well as to reward the best.

The world’s first televised gastronomy event, which is a first in the field, awards were divided into two main categories as ‘Big Plates’ and ‘Small Plates’ In the title of Big Plates, there are more traditional awards categories such as ün Restaurant of the Year or Arrival of the Year. While Small Plates categories aiming a deep introduction of the restaurant culture, especially by acknowledging the important role of social media.

At the ceremony, which created by food writers Joe Warwick and Andrea Petrini in collaboration with IMG, Fine Dining Lovers took the role as media partner. The jury committee, includes of great chefs such as Alex Atala, Virgilio Martinez and Massimo Bottura and leading international gastronomy journalists. Judging panel created by bringing together 50 women and 50 men from the biggest icons of the restaurant world, in an equal gender distribution. The original award categories will changed each year in consultation with this committee.

Here are the categories:


Restaurant of the Year 
Chosen from the winners of the other 2019 ‘Large Plates’

Arrival of the Year
Restaurants opened between Sept 1, 2017 and Sept 30, 2018

House Special
Restaurants defined by one particular dish

Off-Map Destination
Remote restaurants where the journey to get there is a story

Original Thinking
Highlighting envelope-pushing creativity and artistic expression

Enduring Classic 
Exceptional restaurants open for at least 50 years

Event of the Year 
Recognising restaurant residencies and pop-ups

Atmosphere of the Year 
Considering restaurant service, acoustics and overall ambience

No Reservations Required 
For places where it’s possible to turn-up without a booking

Ethical Thinking 
Rewarding environmental and social responsibility

Forward Drinking
Focusing on fresh ideas in liquid refreshment

Collaboration of the Year
Rewarding restaurants for the way they work with suppliers


Instagram Account of the Year 
Picked from the restaurant world’s social media platform of choice

Trolley of the Year 
For those that believe table-side service should always be in fashion

Tattoo-Free Chef 
For toque stars whose bodies aren’t canvases

Red Wine-Serving Restaurant 
For those who shun current fashion by still championing the red grape

Tweezer-Free Kitchen
Searching for a more hands-on style of plating

Long-Form Journalism
Because the world still needs in-depth restaurant writing



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