Petit Toris and Tocis Mec’s celebrity chef Ludo Lefebvre has signed on for his first project outside of California. The new restaurant, which will open in downtown Denver will be located inside Thompson Hotel and will again offer French influences from the famous chef.

Ludo Lefebvre, the famous French chef of Los Angeles, gave the good news that he will open his first restaurant outside of California. Chez Maggy, named after Lefebvre’s mother-in-law, is scheduled to open its doors this winter. Ludo Lefebvre says he is very happy to try something new, “I ‘m very excited to bring a little bit of French flair to Denver like I did in Los Angeles.” The celebrity chef first announced in 2018 that he wanted to expand his restaurant group to Denver. Ludo Lefebvre, who runs two branches of Petit Trois in the Los Angeles area, also earned a Michelin star with Trois Mec, which offer Hollywood’s high-end tasting menus. Trois Mec closed its doors last year due to the pandemic. Chez Maggy, which will open in Denver instead, is named after Lefebvre’s recently deceased mother-in-law. The famous chef states that he wants to do this as a sign of respect. Chez Maggy, which offers a safer and more diverse format due to the pandemic, will also share the comfort of the hotel with its customers.



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