Following a successful series An Ode to Eggs and an Ode to Rice, Asia’s best female chef Vicky Lau of Tate Dining Room in Hong Kong will present a refined single-ingredient lunch menu with a French Chinese twist.

World-renowned chef Lau will focus the spotlight this time on tofu, Asia’s most popular soy-based protein. An Ode to Tofu will offer its guests different interpretations of tofu, which is a viable material that can be consumed with pleasure at any time of the day and is rich in protein. Successful chef Vicky Lau said, “Tofu is an often-misunderstood ingredient with a bad reputation. However, I hope to prove that tofu is in fact one of the most enjoyable and nutritious dishes to be had during the summer season.” Lunch at TATE Dining Room is available on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm-2:30 pm, reported Food and Wine Gazette.



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