While the Modena chef stands out as the protagonist of two best-selling menus and an acclaimed speech at the Royal Hideaway Resort in Tenerife, Bottura promises his guests a wonderful meal in the capital of the famous Canary Islands, accompanied by Michelin stars and natural beauties.

Royal Hideaway Resort, a luxury 5-star hotel, started building this unique place in 2018 and went with a proposal to Massimo Bottura and the Francescana family. This invitation was held under the leadership of the restaurant called “progressive Italian cuisine”. Inspired by the design of the corals around the island, a boat-shaped flavor village with 114 flats was designed. According to Pavanelli, “It is unbelievable that a restaurant serving 100% Italian cuisine in Spain has not received a Michelin star”. Thus, he signed a first.

First, Royal Hideaway called important chefs such as Ana Ros and Diego Guerrero and created the “Inspiring Chef” program, an important local gastronomy festival. After creating this program, Bottura took the stage with two magnificent dinners. The tasting menu is sold out, iconic and brand-new dishes have been created.

Between the two meals, the successful chef made an admirable speech. Chef from Modena, who compared restaurants to Renaissance workshops in his speech; “We must be ambassadors for farmers, fishermen and all the silent heroes in the region fighting to produce their jewelry,” he said. Thus, he stated that they will continue to grow together, as in the 92 hostels surrounding de Francescana. He continued to inspire people, saying that they have everything they need for that, like vegetables and vineyards. He concluded his words by reminding the microclimates that reflect the uniqueness of the universe on the island, the civilizations around the Po river and the unique valley combined with food in Modena. The pesticide-free banana plants grown in the eco-friendly finca La Calabacera are also the embodiment of the philosophy the Modena chef talked about in his speech.



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