Mario Mandarić, from Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30 Chefs, plans to spend the next few months digging wells in Uganda, thereby helping the water-stressed population. The young chef plans to go to Uganda with his restaurant crew, finance a well and start a campaign to dig several wells. Stating that he wanted to do something big before his 30th birthday, Mandaric stated that he would finance the digging of one well, but his goal was to dig at least five of them.

Mandarić said: “One morning I scrolled through Facebook and found out that children in Uganda are dying of communicable diseases because there is no drinking water. Then I researched and realized that Uganda ‘lies on water’ because of the source of the Nile. Some companies are digging those wells, but this drilling is expensive so I started researching, learned some more, saw Uganda is beautiful. I sent a few emails to some associations and Caritas and Amar contacted me. Gader, who has drilled more than 200 wells so far “The cost of digging is between eight and 12 thousand dollars.”

“Since I have nothing to do until next season, it occurred to me to do a crowdfunding campaign, raise money, and dig as many wells as possible while I was already there. Then, if there is still money left, I plan to leave Amar to continue digging those wells even after I leave. The chef also plans to organize a charity dinner in Split.



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