After the backlash from animal rights activists, Alexis Gauthier removed foie gras from his menu and even became vegan. On the other hand, foie gras produced in a laboratory environment by the French startup Gourmey encourages Gauthier to add this product back to the menu.


It’s been 8 years since protests took place in front of his restaurant in Soho, London. This reaction of the activist, who find it cruel to force-fed ducks and geese to make the lungs fat, changed Alexis Gauthier’s mind, and menu. But changing food Technologies are seekin g new ways to reconcile activists and chefs. Foie gras produced by the French company Gourmey in a laboratory environment has started to make this product attractive for menus again. While Gauthier has yet to taste it, he welcomes the arrival of a cruelty-free alternative, “I think it’s a good place to be when we have to wonder whether it’s lab-grown or not.”

Companies that concentrate their investments in this field in many regions of the world are working on the production of different animal products in a laboratory environment. However, for now, the costs are very high and some regulations are needed for the consumption of these products to become widespread. So far, Singapore is the only country to approve the sale of lab-grown meat.



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