La Palma’s 871 hectares of 60 vineyards were damaged by the activation of La Palma Volcano. As a result of the incident that took place in the Canary Islands, the harvest and production on the Spanish island of La Palma were affected.
Federico Luis Simon Rodriguez, owner of Tamanca Winery and wine producer, stated that his house and vineyard were damaged as the volcano became active and the ash reached as far as El Paso, Texas, where he lives. On the other hand, Adalberto Martin, head of the La Palma DO wine regulatory board, stated that due to security measures, La Palma authorities cut off the electricity in the region. Tamanca employees are worried that this will disrupt cold fermentation.

“We’ve had milder winters in recent years, so the heatwave destroyed the grapes growing on the already stressed vines.” Martin said. He added that vines on the southern slopes of La Palma’s sister island, Tenerife, were also damaged. According to the agricultural organization Coag-Canaries, 871 hectares of land in La Palma was damaged by lava and ash.



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