Published for the first time in 2015, French company La Liste names 1000 of the world’s best restaurants and is one of the most important indicators of the gastronomy world with its team of experts. Following the decision to not publish a list for 2020, La Liste awarded certain restaurants and chefs in different categories instead.

30 chefs and restaurants from 18 countries were awarded in 18 categories which are: New Destination Champion, Innovation, Game Changer Award-Inclusivity, Community Spirit, Ethical & Sustainability, Digital Influencer, New Arrivals of the Year, Hidden Gems, Artisan & Authenticity and Young Talents of the Year.

New Destination Champion Award:

International selection: Selassie Atadika

Local selection: Florent Ladeyn

Innovation Award:

International selection: Dabiz Muñoz

Local selection: Olivier Nasti

Game Changer Award-Inclusivity:

Mashama Bailey

Community Spirit:

Blacksheep Restaurants

Guillaume Gomez & Stéphane Méjanès

Ethical & Sustainability Award:

International selection: Matt Orlando

Local selection: Nadia Sammut

Digital Influencer Award:

Simone Zanoni

New Arrivals of the Year:


Euphoria by Jason Tan



Hidden Gem Awards:

La Femme Du Boucher



Le Café Suisse



House 102

Willows Inn

Artisan & Authenticity Award:

La Ferme de la Ruchette


Las Quince Letras

Young Talents of the Year:

Mory Sacko

Antonio Buono

Daniel Smith

Josh Boutwood

Francesca Ferreyros



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