From Genova to Italy and France, from Art di Daniele Sperindio to Gemma; we are looking closer into the successful life of beloved chef Daniele Sperindio. Here is everything you wish to know about the Michelin-starred chef…

Initiated to the culinary arts from a tender age, Chef Daniele has always been passionate for all thing’s gastronomy. With a first job as cheesemonger at the age of 13 in Genova, Chef Daniele began its culinary journey that would bring him to build its fundamentals through culinary school and apprenticeships in both Italy and France. During his training across the continents, Chef Daniele had trained and worked with talented and ground-breaking Michelin Starred chefs like Gianni Malagoli in Genova, Grant Achatz in Chicago and Yoshihiro Narisawa in Tokyo. A lifelong student, Chef Daniele diligently apply a Kaizen approach trough his philosophy continuous improvement, “Knowledge is key, you need to be able to understand the boundaries in order to break them”; he is a member of the United State Sommelier association and the Order of the Knights of Alba, a student of Food Science and Business from the universities Harvard in Boston, USA and Warwick London, UK. Landing in Singapore in 2012 in search of new culinary horizons, Chef Daniele has soon realized he has found a home-away-from-home.

During his time in the Lion City, he has been nominated several times for awards at the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence and has participated in a leadership positions in various culinary institutions; among the most notorious,
Group Head chef under award -winning chef Ryan Clift, Executive chef at ATLAS bar (World’s 50 Best bars) and Group Executive chef of Il Lido Group Chef Daniele left his first mark in 2020 with the launch of his first very own restaurant Art di Daniele Sperindio located in the prestigious National Gallery Singapore, for which he has been awarded one Michelin Star after only 7 months of operations and maintained it ever since. “It is a new beginning, I feel truly blessed to find myself surrounded by such an incredibly talented team at I’WA, and I can’t wait  to see what the future will bring.” With a vision for a more sustainable hospitality industry, I’WA group is moving toward a Plastic Free business model, with Responsible Sourcing and Zero Waste at the core of its practices, and a triple bottom line approach.


Lafer @ Maxwell Market, Singapore

The Flawless Combination of Modernist Sensibilities and Classical Inspirations: All About Art di Daniele Sperindio in Singapore, National Gallery

Sitting elegantly at the top of the iconic National Gallery Singapore with a spectacular panoramic view of Marina Bay, Art di Daniele Sperindio is a contemporary restaurant and bar presenting a progressive Italian dining experience. It is a neo-Italian rooftop dining destination that combines modernist sensibilities with classical inspirations.

The experience is an elegant gastronomic pilgrimage of Chef-owner Daniele Sperindio’s whimsical stories and delicious memories. Driven and passionate about pushing Italian cuisine forward, the Italian born chef’s impressive culinary pedigree includes award-winning destinations such as Alinea and Narisawa. Art di Daniele Sperindio is where his heritage and talent comes together, serving as the stage for his boundary-breaking creativity and innovation.

The DESSERT & COCKTAIL BAR at Art di Daniele Sperindio, located on the rooftop of the majestic National Gallery is a destination built on social interaction, that brings groups together through their appreciation and passion for innovative cocktails and the camaraderie of desserts. With a carefully curated dessert menu, built on the use of the most premium products and elevated craftsmanship by Art di Daniele Sperindio’s award-winning team, the rooftop bar’s attention to detail exudes a sense of authenticity, permanence and luxury.

The dessert bar menu is full of mouth-watering tastes, such as “Vesuvio” made with buffalo milk gelato, sour cherry amarene, caramelised cacao nibs, 40yo balsamic. Nonna’s Apple Tart, made with puff pastry, renette apple, almond frangipane, grand marnier and soft whipped vanilla cream. Zuppa Inglese Moderna, which has pistacchio, white chocolate, alchermes pan di spagna, toasted barley “orzo-ro” gelato in it to take you to the sky! For coffee lovers, Nocciola e Crema Arabica is the first choice; the combination of whipped espresso, comice pear, Piedmont hazelnut and salted caramel creates a delicious and balanced dessert experience. Also, there is Fragola in Fiore with poached strawberries, rose namelaka, finger limes, meringue and sweet basil gelato for a refreshing getaway. Lastly, with Budino Brulèe which has valrhona guanaja chocolate brulèe, salted peanut and bitter orange, the bar turns into a literal dream.

Bar snacks selection is rich with homemade bread, wagyu butter, tonnato pate, artisanal cheese, smoked sardines, 5-peppers chicken wings, pickled green peperoncini, egg yolk taglierini, seared hokkaido scallop and so much more. Also with an extensive alcohol menu, Art di Daniele Sperindio offers its guests a quality time, serving specials.

Buzzy, Sophisticated and Classy: GEMMA in Singapore
Michelin Chef-Restaurateur Daniele Sperindio of I’WA Group presents the sexy all-new GEMMA Restaurant. Equal parts buzzy, sophisticated and classy, GEMMA is an upscale social dining destination with a vibe-driven focus that redefines fine dining. With its contemporary Italian food and beverage program, old-world charms and a trendy, festive atmosphere, the 68-seater restaurant leads the modern renaissance of classic Italian cuisine. Nestled in the stately surrounds of National Gallery Singapore,
GEMMA is a modern interpretation of Italian sophistication and luxury, brilliantly illuminated in the rich hues of polished brass and terracotta red. Inspired by the best of Mediterranean cuisine- where everyone gathers to revel in the happiness of the season in high spirits, GEMMA is a vibrant celebration of everyday occasions and life’s greatest pleasures through food and drinks. GEMMA (Italian for gem) is christened after the timeless Florentine name, where some of Italy’s best steakhouses are from. Artfully blending vibe dining with the superior quality of steakhouses, the GEMMA experience is a dynamic one, replete with culinary showmanship, personalized Gueridon service and high-energy yet luxurious interiors.

The awarded one Michelin star chef-owner Daniele Sperindio is passionate about pushing Italian cuisine forward. Hailing from Liguria, Italy, Sperindio was one-time Group Head Chef of the Tippling Club group of restaurants and Executive Chef of Atlas Bar, but in between these positions, he has also spent time working in the kitchens of 3 Star Alinea in Chicago and 2 Star Narisawa in Tokyo. Still, he chose to come back to his hometown of Genova, where he became sous chef at former Michelin-starred and now-defunct Antica Osteria del Bai, before coming to Singapore. His multifaceted experiences with different cuisines come to the fore in his not-so-Italian interpretations of the classic dishes of his growing-up years in Italy.

The chef’s dedication to using only the freshest and best ingredients distinguishes Art di Daniele Sperindio from other dining establishments. The restaurant sources its meat and fish from ethical and sustainable suppliers, and the menu is updated seasonally to reflect the greatest produce available.

The restaurant also provides a distinctive eating experience with its “Art Menu.” With this tasting menu, customers can experience a variety of Sperindio’s specialty dishes, each of which is a unique work of art. Even the most discriminating palette is likely to be satisfied by the menu, which was thoughtfully chosen to highlight the chef’s inventiveness and creativity.


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