Milan, 28th January 2023 – Identità Milano, the International Congress of fine cuisine, pastry, mixology and waiting service, returns to Mi.Co Milano Congressi from Saturday 28th to Monday 30th January 2023. The 18th edition, with the provocative theme “Ladies and gentlemen, the revolution is served”, is preparing to tell and represent the change that the sector is going through, with the aim of becoming a spokesman for the urgency of current events that pushes more and more to rethink and question what has happened so far.

“The first word that today I pair with the concept of revolution is courage. It takes a lot to  change, to insist and to move forward in a historical situation like the current one. Not that there was no need a quarter of a century ago when the Spanish masters began to change the rules, but it was a completely different force, which was based on the ability to think new forms of cooking, knowing how to attack the proven fact, not understand how to react to a crisis like the one we are facing. And then it would be revolutionary if we finally reason in terms of making system, Sistema Italia, in a global way. Concrete facts that embrace everyone, not just words in their favour. Make Italy grow and not be content to offer, for decades and decades, a cuisine that enchants everywhere in the world. We are the Brazil of cooking. But it’s not enough to please everyone, it’s also important to win. And never stop, never settle. Having in mind that in the evening you can be tired, but not be fed up” these are the words of Paolo Marchi, founder of Identità Golose.

From the great return of international guests to the innovative spaces conceived as the Spazio Arena, an exclusive area that recalls in shape a small amphitheater, where activities of absolute importance will alternate in an inclusive and open to reflection climate; from the new thematic areas (alongside the more traditional ones) to the presence of prominent personalities of the world of food and wine, but also of television and culture: that of 2023 is going to be an edition full of surprises, of curiosity and new ideas for reflection and dialogue, aiming to be the spokesman of the revolution that is going through, with increasing urgency, the whole sector.

Alex Atala, chef patron of the D.O.M. of São Paulo in Brazil, Albert Adrià of the Enigma of Barcelona, Andoni Luis Aduriz, chef of Mugaritz in Errenteria (Spain), Leonor and Laura Espinosa, respectively chef patron of Leo in Bogota and Best Female Chef World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 and sommelier in charge of La Sala de Laura, Paco Morales, dal Noor di Codoba, Ángel León di Aponiente, the American Food Scientist Harold McGee, Faith Willinger with David Gelb and Brian McGinn, respectively creator & executive producer and executive producer & director of Chef’s Table on Netflix, Fatmata Binta, founder of the Fulani Kitchen Foundation in Ghana and winner of the Basque Culinary World Prize 2022: these are some of the great guests who will arrive in Milan bringing their testimonies and reflections from around the world, to offer points of view that go beyond national borders.


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