Greece, which has allowed small businesses to open as of May 4 and is slowly starting to lift the restrictions, is looking very hopeful for summer 2020 tourism.

Starting on May 4, the Greek government, which has allowed businesses such as hairdressers and bookstores to open and opening schools from tomorrow, has begun preparing for the 2020 summer season because they think they are well-directed of the coronavirus outbreak. Greece, a safe destination for tourists because it has a low rate of transmission and death, hopes to start the tourism season from June. The Guardian reported that the occupancy rate of northern Greece hotels is expected to increase with neighbouring Balkan countries also considering the good direction of the outbreak. “All bets are on the next 2 months, ” said Grigoris Tasios, President of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers. “Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Skopje (Northern Macedonia) together have 40 million and from any of them people can get to us by car,” he said.



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