Tavo’s chef Anthony Gallarday and Michelin-starred Graham Campbell are preparing to open a new restaurant. Orilla, which will open in Milwaukee, promises its guests world-class cuisine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. If everything goes well, Orilla will open its doors in September. Although the location of the restaurant is kept secret for now, its concept has started to excite the enthusiasts.

Michelin-starred Scottish chef Graham Campbell shared this dream of Anthony Gallarday, who is the chef of Tavo’s Signature Cuisine in Milwaukee and one of the most important representatives of New Mexican cuisine. The name of Graham Campbell, who competed with the 23 best chefs in the world and gained worldwide fame in Netflix’s iconic series ‘The Final Table’, is enough for Orilla to arouse curiosity already. The collaboration of two experienced chefs also raises expectations for new and creative products.

“Our aim is to produce something new and different in Milwaukee,” said Campbell, adding that he sheds light on Anthony Galladay with his experiences. Galladay is excited to share the unknown aspects of Mexican cuisine. “I’ve been looking for a place for another restaurant for two years,” said Galladay. “I have worked with many talented chefs on this journey and now I want to showcase my skills in a completely new way with Orilla.” . However, the duo does not want Orilla to get a Mexican restaurant label. With a different concept and striking dishes, Orilla gives the freedom to go beyond the borders.



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