A law that was passed in 2019 and will come into effect in November of this year has created controversy in New York gastronomy. With the new law that will come into effect as of November 25, the production and sale of foie gras may be prohibited in New York. According to the law, food obtained as a result of forced feeding of animals is prohibited on the grounds of unethical treatment. Some chefs and producers in New York oppose the practice.

The two largest foie gras farms in the US, La Belle and Hudson Valley Foie Gras, have filed a lawsuit to overturn the law. Both farms say they would have to lay off hundreds of workers if the law were enforced.

New York isn’t the first place where foie gras production has been banned. Foie gras has been banned in the UK since 2006. However, there is no obstacle to its import from Europe. In recent years, many chefs have publicly campaigned in favor of banning foie gras imports.



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