Fish Butchery, located in Australia’s cosmopolitan city of Sydney, just across the street from the famous Paddington market and Unity Church, indulges Sydney people with a thousand varieties of fresh and dried fish and seafood. Let’s explore this creative fish town together!

This modern fish butcher, which is a remedy for those who love to consume fish and seafood but cannot cook them at home, cleans and slices the products in a way that they can easily prepare at home and makes them ready for cooking, is more than just a butcher, it intends to popularize seafood from seven to seventy with his innovative service, take away menu and creative recipes.

The name behind the modern fisherman Fish Butchery is Josh Niland, who is both its chef and entrepreneur. Niland, known as the fish legend in Australia, is a mediatic face who has received various awards such as the restaurant of the year and the chef of the year, as well as being a guest on the famous television show Masterchef Australia.

Every little bit is precious…

Niland, who thinks it is necessary to use every bit of fish, sets out from this principle at Fish Butchery and takes his customers on a unique flavour journey by using every product in their recipes with unimaginable methods.

In the chef’s, named Mr Niland at Home, fresh products, which are caught up to the day, are carefully prepared for cooking, then packaged and waiting for their buyers. Customers can place their orders until 12:00 and receive their packages from the shop between 15:00 and 16:00 on the same day . At Fish Butchery, which offers an easy-to-prepare, practical alternative for dinner, orders are so intense that even the day of the week’s menu can be sold out completely.

Creative menus with classic flavors …

Each meal on the Mr Niland at Home menu is sold separately, offering a total of four different services each day: starter, main course and two types of dessert. While the menu changes every day, the classic flavors such as Moonlight Oysters, Kinkawooka Mussels for starters and chocolate ice cream made of cod fish oil for dessert never change.

Chef Niland delights fish lovers with his fish and chips-weighted take away menu. The menu includes a variety of rare fish and seafood unique to Australia, as well as a crispy fresh salad made with kale, nuts and currants, and French fries made from medium-sized, white sebago potatoes, which are frequently consumed in Australia. The most popular options are swallow fish caught off the coast of Seahaven and served grilled on a charcoal fire, and paned shrimp caught off the coast of Moolalaba.

Ice or not icing, that’s is the question…

Unlike other fishermen, the secret of quality in Fish Butchery is never puttin fish in water or ice, they store small fish in perforated trays and large fish hanging on hooks in static cold rooms.

Fish Butchery, which offers special and rare fish and seafood varieties caught with sustainable methods to prevent the extinction of fish generations, is open to all fish-lover gourmets between 10.00 and 19.00 from Tuesday to Sunday.



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