In these extraordinary times, restaurants are turning to various new business models to help them stand up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Some restaurants sell fine wine collections to help pay for staff and general expenses.

Fine dining has put its wine collections up for sale to support the payment of expenses such as staff and rent. At the beginning of the month, the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Manresa in America, California, presented its rare wine collections to its customers. The restaurant earned $ 40,000 from the sale of rare wines such as the German Dry Reisling Keller G-Max, according to the report in Eater. The Michelin-starred Four Horsemen, based in Brooklyn, considered to have one of the largest collections of hard-to-find natural wines in the United States, opened their list of wines to their customers by lowering prices by 50%.

According to the report in Decanter, the prices of wines offered for sale in restaurants increased by 70% in the brand feature. That means wine sold to the restaurant for $20 can be sold at the restaurant for $60 or $80. The fact that restaurants sell rare wine collections cheaper than usual for support also makes it an opportunity for customers to acquire these wines and bring home quality and rare wine. Restaurants such as the 3 Michelin-starred SingleThread Farm and the 2 Michelin-starred L’atelier de Joël Robuchon have put products such as food, cocktails, wine and beers on sale in a variety of ways.



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