British chef Merlin Labron-Johnson, became one of the most-talked-about chefs after opening his famous restaurant Portland in England, following his working years in Michelin starred restaurants of Switzerland, France and Belgium. Labron-Johnson then left Portland, which received its first Michelin star 9 months after its opening, and Clipstone and opened his farm-to-table restaurant Osip in Somerset, England.

Chef Labron-Johnson, who opened Portland at age 24, became one of the youngest recipients of the Michelin star in the UK and he is now opening a new wine bar that will serve signature wines of the Osip menu. The new wine bar, The Old Pharmacy, will also be located in Somerset and is scheduled to open in 2021. Merlin Labron-Johnson states that he aims for The Old Pharmacy to be a place where people can enjoy good wine and fresh food without a full meal in Osip during their travels to Somerset.



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