The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 list made an unprecedented choice this year. For the first time in the 20-year history of the organization, two restaurants in the same city took the top two positions. Noma regained its number one spot and Geranium rose to number two, making Copenhagen one of the world’s top dining destinations in the eyes of international authorities. Moreover, new ones are constantly being added to these gourmet places. The Copenhagen food scene continues to rise, and not even a global pandemic can slow it down.


Among the many restaurants worth visiting in 2021, three stand out in particular. Silberbauers Bistro is chef Mathias Silberbauer’s bistro. With its seasonal menü and classics such as blue mussels and lemon tart, it stands out as a quality food route in city life. Esmeé, right in the middle of the city in Copenhagen, offers understated luxury. Chef Andreas Bagh reflects his passion for French cuisine on his menü. Chef Kristian Baumann’s restaurant Koan, on the other hand, can be said to have shown its true potential in 2021 after taking a break due to the pandemic, although it opened in 2020. Bauman combines its approach to Northern cuisine with its Korean heritage, creating remarkable flavors.


In addition to all these successful gastronomic experiences, there are many special places opened at the end of this year. Here are some of those places you can experience in 2022:


Scheduled to open at the end of 2021, Propaganda brings together restaurateur and sommelier Riccardo Macron and chef Youra Kim. Serving  Korean-inspired cuisine, the restaurant will have multiple personalities. Propaganda is already showing its ambitiousness, with fine wines, monthly breakfasts and late night desserts.


Opened in autumn, Jatak brings together Vietnamese and Scandinavian flavors accompanying Contanoese flavors, and traces from all over the world, on the same menu.


Despite having worked in many fine restaurants in Sydney and Copenhagen, Will King-Smith, who has devoted the last three years to street flavors, now conveys these experiences to his guests with his own restaurant. Located in the city center, the 100-seat restaurant promises a creative presentation added to Cantonese dishes.



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