ChowNow, an online food ordering platform, shared a free feature that allows restaurants to add an “order food” button to their Instagram profiles and “order food” stickers that they can add to their stories.

ChowNow has introduced a new service to restaurants with a free feature where restaurants bring an “order food” button to their Instagram profiles and an “order food” sticker to their stories. ChowNow, which houses more than 13,000 restaurants on-site, will complete the order flow by connecting directly to itself the orders of the restaurants from Instagram. While the other 3rd party food ordering applications receive commissions on the order, ChowNow continues to operate with a monthly fee payment that varies by location. ChowNow CEO, Chris Webb said, “This Instagram feature is yet another valuable tool we’re offering our restaurant partners -at no cost to the restaurants- to help them drive more revenue and boost order volume without suffering the outrageous commissions and fees imposed by other delivery apps.”



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