Wildtype, a cell-based seafood manufacturer; signed distribution agreements with sushi bar operatör Snowfox and restaurant operator Pokéworks. With these agreements, sushi prepared with salmon produced from cultured cells will now be offered to the public.


The deal stands out as it is the largest partnership between a cell-based seafood manufacturer and food companies. Wildtype currently has a manufacturing facility, tasting room, and training center in San Francisco. Although work on legal regulations for cell-based meat and seafood is still underway, such partnerships allow the public to access these products more affordable and easy.

Wildtype officials say that because salmon comes from bioreactors and isn’t caught in the ocean, it helps a variety of ocean species thrive and doesn’t rely on the traditional fishing industry. Stacy Kwon, Snowfox CEO said, “Wildtype has the potential to steer its food business into an entirely different value chain,” and added that they are proud to support the company’s scientific breakthrough.



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