Lionel Rigolet, the chef of the 2 Michelin-starred Comme Chez Soi restaurant, helps the homeless.

Lionel Rigolet, the chef of 2 Michelin-starred Comme Chez Soi, one of Belgium’s oldest and most prestigious restaurants, helps the homeless once a week. Comme Chez Soi chef Rigolet who closed the doors to customers due to the coronavirus outbreak on the 18th of March feed 100 homeless people every Thursday. “If I can spread the joy of my profession to the homeless, then I’ll do it with pleasure,” the successful chef said. Laurence Wynants, manager and wife of Comme Chez Soi, said: “We felt that I could also do something. We all think of hospital workers, those who are sick, but there are also those who sleep in the streets” and urging everyone to support their surroundings.



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