Unichef took action on the increasing prevalence of bullying allegations in the industry. The union demands that Michelin-starred restaurants should be stripped of their awards if staff are bullied.

Allegations of abusive behavior by chefs against their colleagues in the industry are on the rise. The chefs union Unichef asked members to sign a petition aimed at removing their stars and badges from restaurants where the abuse took place. Asma Khan, the award-winning chef of the Indian restaurant Darjeeling Express in London, who supports the campaign, said that this oppressive attitude in kitchens has been going on for years. In a social media post, she wrote “Break the silence!” and asked “Do you have a code of conduct for a restaurant/chef you award a star to?”

It follows reports that chef Tom Kitchin has fired some of this top executives over allegations of abusive behaviour towards his employees by senior staff, such as sexual harassment and deprivation of food and water.

The pressure of maintaining high standards is felt in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants. Calling for change in the industry, the organizers of the campaign say this type of behavior has no place in the modern work environment.



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