Burger King will hand out 10 thousand free Whoppers by using QR code in its television ad.

Significant fast-food chain Burger King has begun using QR codes in its television commercials, developing a new advertising strategy during the pandemic era. 10 thousand whoppers will be distributed free of charge with the screening of the QR code featured in the television commercial. The first 10 thousand viewers who catch the QR code constantly in motion on the screen during the ad get a free Whopper via the Burger King app. In this way, the big chain which enables the application of Burger King to become widespread has also set a different digital marketing strategy than other firms. This new and fun advertising campaign encourages people to use the Burger King app during the quarantine period. “If you’re fast enough to capture and scan the QR code while watching television, you can win a free burger to be brought home,” the brand explained about the ad, which was made in together with creative agency David Sao Paulo.



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