The struggle for survival of independent restaurants against the big chains that increase their market shares during the pandemic process continues with each passing day.

Restaurants that were closed due to Covid-19 and then reopened and re-closed in most regions, struggled with many restrictions that would make it difficult to provide the best service to their guests during the period they were open. As a result of a major impact on the hospitality sector, which covers most of the employment rate, and especially independent restaurants, many restaurants, from Michelin-starred restaurants to small businesses, have either reached the point of closure or have closed permanently. With inadequate government support and harsh restrictions bringing the end of independent restaurants, the National Restaurant Association sent a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday urging them not to scapegoat restaurants for the outbreak.

The association said in its letter that there was no scientific evidence linking restaurants to the increased infections, while at the same time saying restaurants were like other retail establishments and should be treated that way.

Independent restaurants occupy a highly vulnerable position, while large chains such as Chipotle have greatly increased their market share, as they have capital and large real estate opportunities to adapt to new protocols because their services can be takeaway-oriented.



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