Hosting successful Michelin-starred chefs one after another, be Premium Bodrum continues to bring together the successful names of the gastronomy world with its valuable guests with the contributions of Sözen Organization. One Michelin starred Yoji Tokuyoshi started to offer its menu to taste lovers at Notias Restaurant located in be Premium Bodrum.Bringing Japanese culture and Italian cuisine together, Yoji Tokuyoshi will provide a very special taste experience with a pop-up event that will be held at Premium Bodrum Notias Restaurant between September 1-10.

Bringing together the local flavors of Bodrum and the Aegean, carefully selected flavor samples from the world cuisine and different tastes, be Premium Bodrum continues to create a unique gastronomic experience. With the support of Sözen Organization, the gastronomy event held between 1 July and 10 September, be Premium Bodrum; It hosted 3 Michelin star Thomas Bühner from Germany, 2 Michelin star Paco Roncero from Spain, 1 Michelin star Anatoly Kazakov from Russia and 2 Michelin star Anthony Genovese from Italy.

Be Premium, which will continue to create a unique gastronomic experience until mid-September, now welcomes 1 Michelin star Yoji Tokuyoshi to its kitchen. Veli Bayraktar, the successful Executive Chef of Premium Bodrum, accompanies Yoji Tokuyoshi, who presents a feast of taste, with his signature plates.

1 Michelin Star Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi
Tokuyoshi / Milan

Yoji Tokuyoshi, who aims to combine two cultures with Italian cuisine, which he interprets with the eyes and philosophy of a Japanese, has the distinction of being a chef that makes a difference with the technique he uses. Japanese-born chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, who worked with Massimo Bottura as a sous chef at Osteria Francescana for nine years, left Modena in 2014 and opened the doors of his eponymous Ristorante Tokuyoshi in Milan in 2015. Tokuyoshi soon becomes the owner of his first Michelin star. It combines the beautiful traditions of Japan and the classic flavors of Italy to instill the meaning, tradition, and way of eating them behind each dish. Famous Chef Tokuyoshi will be a guest at Premium Bodrum Notias Restaurant for a pop-up event between September 1st and 10th.



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