Chef Alexis Gauthier is bringing not one, but two new restaurants to Fitzrovia. Much like his existing places, Gauthier Soho and 123V (inside Fenwick’s), each will be championing vegan food. They’re both within the BFI Stephen Street building in Soho – a space that will be split into two. Up front will be 123V Bakery. Alongside pastries and house-made breads from Gauthier Soho, there will be sourdough and focaccia sandwiches at lunch as well as a bottomless salad. They’ll also have some food from the original 123V which includes their vegan sushi (available to take away too). 

The main new restaurant is at the back. That’s Studio Gauthier, which they’re billing as “Gauthier Lite” and it’s the first time the chef has given his name to a restaurant other than the Soho flagship. As Gauthier himself says “Gauthier is a restaurant for special occasions, we work very hard to make sure the atmosphere and service is perfect. The location at Stephen Street is perfect to give people a chance to experience the special food we are doing, but in a fun, unbuttoned, more laid-back setting. Where Gauthier is for your anniversary, Studio Gauthier is for your fun night out with friends.”

With that in mind, they’re saying it will cross some of the Japanese elements of 123V with the French fine dining of Gauthier Soho – and all vegan, of course. Planned for the menu are:

  • Early season green asparagus, miso hollandaise, sesame seed crunch
  • Wild garlic and rocket focaccia with aigo boulido
  • Barbecued Loin of Kohlrabi, Cucumber Samphire and Sea Broth, Sake Beurre Blanc
  • Black truffle Rice flour Berlingots, truffle dashi velouté.

Gauthier has had a lot of success with his vegan offerings so far, attracting plenty of celebrities, so this certainly has the hallmarks of being a hit.


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