Turkey’s historical pita-maker, the Famous Historical Töngül Pide Bakery, has been continuing the family tradition in Ödemiş since 1893 in Izmir, one of the pearls of the Aegean Region.

Töngül Pide Bakery, which has been continuing its 130-year-old family tradition and effort for 4 generations, continues to offer Ödemiş’s signature flavor, Töngül Pitta, to its customers with the same recipe, sincerity and family warmth. The pitas prepared with the special pita dough of the Töngül family are combined with parsley, village butter and mince and cooked with oak wood in a burnt oven from the bottom. The historical flavour, which is served by applying olive oil on top of the hot pita pulled from the oven and grating Ödemiş’s tulum cheese on top of it, has been transferring from grandfather to son and offering its customers cooked pita in a real wood fire for more than a century.

Töngül Pita Bakery, which is visited by many people from home and abroad to try this historic flavour, opens every morning with the 4th generation İsmail Töngül at 04.00 and starts preparations and prepares its pitas without sacrificing quality. The historic bakery, which usually closes the service with the end of all the pita before noon, has now started serving guests from all over the world and for those arriving from distance until 1:30 p.m.





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