The International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, which brings together the stars of the world of gastronomy, creates a bridge between cultures and receives full marks from international authorities with its global impact, crossing borders as a global brand! Signatures were made for the organization that will host the stars of gastronomy in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, in 2022.


Gastromasa, one of the most distinguished gastronomy conferences in the world, made its first export as a global brand. Chairperson at State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine Mariana Oleskiv and Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen, who agreed to take place in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, as well as Istanbul, signed their signatures at a ceremony held in front of the Ukrainian press.

Gökmen Sözen, who is in Kyiv for the preparations of Gastromasa 2022, closely examined the gastronomy of the region and met with talented chefs. Experiencing Ukraine’s rich product variety and unique cuisine on-site, the Gastromasa team started preparations before the organization planned to take place in September 2022. Gökmen Sözen, who received full marks from international authorities by transforming Gastromasa into a global brand and now removing the borders and bringing this brand to Kyiv, shared with the public his evaluations of the impact of international gastronomy conferences on regional tourism and gastronomy with a panel he attended as a speaker. Emphasizing that Gastromasa is currently one of the most important gastronomy organizations in the world, Gökmen Sözen said, “Success comes with good hospitality and building bridges. There should be no nationalism in gastronomy. The important thing is to be integrated with the world and we need to focus on how we do it.” Saying that Ukrainian cuisine has a high potential, Sözen said, “We first came to Kyiv here and gained many different experiences from street food to chef restaurants. Then we saw Odessa. Ukraine trains very talented and creative chefs and they are actually the future of this country. The aim of Gastromasa is to introduce the products to the world along with the regional cuisine. At this point, Ukraine’s potatoes and other local products appear as a great gastronomic richness. When creative chefs and products spread around the world, gastronomic tourism takes place in Ukraine, and that’s exactly what we’re here for.” Stating that Gastromasa is a multi-layered organization, Gökmen Sözen said that they created a great interaction by bringing together the world’s best sommeliers, mixologists, and HoReCa companies, as well as world-famous chefs, on the same platform, “We will introduce both the tradition and the future of Ukraine to the world.” After the signing ceremony and the panels, the talented chefs of Ukraine Ievgen Klopotenko and Igor Mezentsev took the stage and presented examples of Ukrainian cuisine to the audience with a workshop.


World-renowned chefs and international media outlets will have the opportunity to experience Ukraine’s local products and gastronomy at Gastromasa, which will start with a few-day city and gastronomy tour. This city, history, and gastronomy tour, which will start in Odessa on September 28-29, includes every unique detail about the region, from street tastes to fine dining restaurants, from historical places to wine tours. After this pleasant experience, the next stop is Kyiv, the magnificent capital of Ukraine! With the city tour that will take place on September 30, this time guests will come together with the unique tastes of Kyiv and its talented chefs. And finally, world stars will meet with thousands of gastronomy enthusiasts with the conference will be staged on October 1 and they will share their experiences, perspectives on gastronomy and culinary secrets.



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