Michelin star Tom Kerridge gave a big warning to the hospitality industry, which tied all their hopes to the autumn season after a “very dark” summer.

After the survey published by Standard, which showed that only 68% of employees in London expect to return to the office by December, successful chef Tom Kerridge said the “missing workforce” will have a major impact on the hospitality industry. Kerridge said: “There is a workforce that is missing, it is not just travel and tourism. A lot of people are working from home and aren’t coming in. We have that bullish attitude in London, that while it’s difficult we’re pleased and proud to be open through this difficult time. Perhaps in September and October the workforce starts coming back and people look towards Christmas. We’re trying to stay positive even though it is a very, very dark and hard business and environment to be in right now.”

Chef Kerridge, who expressed disappointment about the 27 customers who didn’t show up for the reservation and received support from many chefs, told The Standard that he expected more restaurants would charge a financial penalty to customers who didn’t show up for the reservation.

“I don’t think there should be an issue anymore with people paying a non-refundable deposit, or a deposit or a cancellation fee. It’s common courtesy and manners to let someone know you’re not coming. You wouldn’t do it to a friend if you were going round their house, if they were cooking dinner. You wouldn’t just not turn up.”



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