The UK’s restaurants and cafes gathered today at the HospoDemo event to save the hospitality industry from the government’s recent COVID-19 restrictions.

The UK hospitality industry, which has just begun to recover with the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ program, faced more than 3 million job losses with the curfew imposed. In the face of this great risk, the hospitality sector, united at the HospoDemo event, came together today in Parliament Square to make their voices heard and encourage the government to provide financial support. Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, who attended the HospoDemo event, said on his Instagram account, “We’ve had enough of being your guinea pigs in testing policies and restrictions. You are killing our industry, which is a total injustice for everyone that is giving more blood, sweat and tears than you ever had.”

Representing the hospitality industry with chef aprons, shaker supplies, pots and pans, and the hospitality industry in Parliament Square, industry professionals also asked the public to protect their favourite restaurants and bars by supporting the protest.

The protest, which started at 10.30, continued with the rising of voices thanks to materials such as pots, pans and spoons representing the sector, accompanied by banners that do not exceed the limits of respect. HospoDemo stated that the participants should wear masks and bring disinfectants and underlined that this event was a peaceful protest.



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